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aretha on China Blue Tea
hey sophia... i love this :) you should try submitting it to

kyungmee on Plastic Tubes
very nice!

kyungmee on Sleeping hands
interesting image..nice!

kyungmee on Pattern of a Broken Screen
Very Nice! Cool light, textures and forms!!

Lillee on Pattern Road
Ohh, interesting angle, great job!

joshi daniel on Pattern Road
nice tilt and excellent use of shadows to create this beautiful image!

Tim on Pattern Road
great off-balanced shot. wonderful with all the shapes, shadows, colors, and contours. i like the time of day you took ...

joshi daniel on Cold Winter Days
nice and dreamy!

Lillee on Cold Winter Days
Love the tones and the fresh feeling it gives:)

MK on Cold Winter Days
I love the muted tones and soft focus!

joshi daniel on Pattern of a Broken Screen
nice use of light in this image! happy new year!

Asangee on Ear leafs....

Susan on Pattern of a Broken Screen
Like a puff of smoke with texture. Nice.

Lillee on Pattern of a Broken Screen
How a simple torn screen can look like art; well done!

Lillee on China Blue Tea
Very nicely composed, you captured the delicateness of the china very well. It's a lovely piece. Also, thanks ...

brown bear on China Blue Tea
I would love to see this one in person~!

joshi daniel on China Blue Tea

Lillee on Ear leafs....
Very creative idea for a photo, lovely earrings.

Curly on Holidays
Nice and colourful, don't be afraid to call it Christmas, despite the commercialism.

Self-Indulgence on Holidays
That's a short one! Happy Holidays!

Olivier V. on Holidays
all the heat of Christmas

B. Thomas on Holidays
Well done. Merry Christmas!

nick on Disgarded News
U spelt. Disgarded wrong

brown on Gaze into me
hey! look! i came back to this!...which means that u should as well

Nadia Olisa on Cold Metal
Nice! :)

Jason on Red Sunrise
How do you capture the sun without all the glare?

Jason on The first warm day
HEY! I was looking at those the same exact day, just at a different time. You were by the campus center, right?

Jason on Run Fast.
:3 I really like this one... could I trouble you for a copy?

Jason on Stretch
I think I somewhat have overcome that thing about being too cold / snowing... somewhat.

Jason on Gaze into me
Nice close-up shot

socketless on Cold Metal
I agree too. If left to my imagination, I would think that it was someone trying to escape! nice capture.

Jason on My Heart
Shattered but strung together, I like it.

Jason on Hidden
Ew makeup...

bluechameleon on Cold Metal
I thought maybe it was an escape. Storytelling and I like this composition.

DarkElf on Red Darling
great sunset and city composition! very nice arrangement of sun and the silhouettes and superb colours!

Suzanne on Red Darling
Pure perfect sunset cityscape.

Jason on Red Darling
Wow. Excellent capture... I really wish I'd been there.

socketless on Red Darling
Beautiful cityscape. I love the silhouettes.

Charles on Red Darling
Gorgeous sunrise. Love the silhouette and the sun.

SKHallisey on This gloomy city
cool cityscape

SKHallisey on It's quiet at night
nice shot. i presume you used a tripod?

SKHallisey on Red Darling
beautiful shot. i love sunrises, especially over cityscapes. well done

Suzanne on Beginning to Open
Beautifully romantic...I love it.

Jason on Beginning to Open
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww The flowers go very well with your background ;]

Jason on This gloomy city
It was nice up there ^_^ thanks for the night out.

Jason on Let's Talk
Wow, thanks ^_^ I really like this one.

Jason on Disgarded News
You know... this made me think how I haven't been paying attention to the news lately, so I made up my mind to ...

Jason on Cityscape
That is excellent... I love the mix of reds and blues.

Jason on Lycka
Awww :] I'm glad I brought him to you.

Pavlos on Sleeping hands
Love this one!

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